From Immigrant Roots to Visionary Leader

From the vibrant streets of Miami-Dade County to its police force, Roly Riera Jr.’s journey is one of determination and duty. Shaped by his Cuban heritage and a pivotal bank heist, Roly stands as a beacon of hope, championing safety, strong leadership, and unwavering commitment to his community’s future

About Me

Born Rolando Riera Jr. to parents Rolando and Teresa Riera, Roly’s life story is deeply intertwined with the pursuit of freedom and the American Dream. His parents, both brave and resilient, fled the oppressive communist regime of Cuba, seeking the promise of liberty and opportunity on the shores of the United States. Their journey embodies the enduring spirit of those who seek a better life and the values of determination and service that would later become Roly’s guiding principles. 

Growing up in the vibrant landscapes of Miami-Dade County, Roly attended Miami Springs Senior High, where he not only received a solid education but also developed a profound connection with the diverse and dynamic community that defines this remarkable county. 

Roly’s path took an unexpected turn when he started his career as a bank teller. It was during this time, while diligently serving customers and handling financial transactions, that fate intervened. An armed bank robbery unfolded before his eyes—a harrowing and traumatic experience that forever altered the course of his life. Instead of succumbing to fear, Roly made a resolute decision that would shape his future: he would dedicate himself to protecting and serving the public, ensuring that no one else had to endure the terror inflicted by criminals.

Rolando Riera Jr
for Miami-Dade County Sheriff

Priorities and Aspirations

Strengthening Community Safety

Roly is unwavering in his commitment to boost public safety by bolstering the ranks of deputies patrolling our neighborhoods. He understands that visibility is a paramount deterrent to crime and aims to translate this understanding into reality


Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Miami-Dade County thrives on its rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds. Roly deeply values diversity and seeks to diversify the composition of the sheriff’s office to mirror the kaleidoscope of our community

Combating Violent Offenses

Roly is determined to crack down on violent crimes, directing resources and efforts where they are needed most. He firmly believes that safety is an inherent right and is committed to defending it


Cultivating Community-Police Relationships

Roly believes in nurturing trust and collaboration between law enforcement and the community through a revitalized Community Policing approach. He sees this as the cornerstone of a safer tomorrow

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability are not just words for Roly; they are guiding principles. He pledges to bring a fresh, transparent leadership style to the Sheriff’s office, embodying the values of accountability

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A happy and healthy mind has the ability to change

“Rolando ‘Roly’ Riera Jr. stands as a beacon of resilience and vision in Miami-Dade. His roots, deeply embedded in stories of perseverance from his Cuban lineage, inspire those around him to dream bigger. Embodying dedication and forward-thinking, Roly’s journey from the vibrant streets of Miami to championing safety showcases that with passion and tenacity, one can transform challenges into opportunities, creating a brighter and more inclusive future for all.”
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